Welcome to Chronic Illness Psychotherapy!

This is a private psychotherapy practice in Evanston, Illinois, intended to help those facing chronic health challenges. Whether you don’t have a name for your symptoms, are facing a new diagnosis, or have been dealing with your health concerns for decades, we are here to help you make improvements to your mental and emotional health as you navigate the medical world. You may have gotten a referral from your physician or heard through a friend how beneficial therapy can be when dealing with illness. Whatever the case, you are taking the first step of seeking out support for your mental health, which is the hardest part. Even if there is a waitlist, we always strive to connect potential clients with someone who can see them in a timely manner.

More and more research is coming out about the mind-body connection. Our physical health is closely related and intertwined with our mental health and overall quality of life. A primary goal of therapy is to increase functioning as much as possible by addressing the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors surrounding the illness. Not only do we see the person with the illness, but we also see loved ones of those with chronic conditions, such as parents, siblings, or partners. Illness affects the whole family system, and we are here for the caregivers too.